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Free Download Kahlown screen capture video recorder
Kahlown SCVR screen recorder records computer screen into video file either AVI . Kahlown SCVR records a smooth video of the screen. Kahlown SCVR facilitates user to compress video files using multiple codecs.

Record screen video by either "Start Recording" button or hot key. You can pause and resume screen recording when screen recording is started using the button. When hot key is used to record video it records a little bit smoother video as compared to the other option and also Kahlown SCVR goes hidden from the task bar. This hot key is toggle key. Kahlown SCVR provides following screen recording features.

Sync Audio/Video Lag

Sync audio/video lag in video (AVI) files. Let's see you recorded video with Kahlown SCVR and in that video audio follows video or video follows audio. Now you can fix that lag with "Sync A/V" button. Click Sync audio video lag to learn more how it works.

Record part/region of the screen

This would only record the selected area or region of the screen. User would have to select the part of the screen which he/she wants to make video of by using mouse pointer.

Record working area

Record working area of the screen. This function will capture everything from the screen except Taskbar. This would not add start menu, quick launch or date time area of the screen.

Record full screen

Record full screen of the computer. it will record full screen of the computer and creates video.

Screen recorder supports hot key

You can set hot key of your choice to start and stop screen recording. Default hot key is Control+Alt+F8.
Video recorded using hot key is also little bit more smooth as compared to video recorded using "Start Recording" button.
Best option to capture video games.

Hidden from taks bar

Kahlown SCVR would not show up in the task bar when screen recording is started using the hot key instead of "Start Recording" button.

Capture Cursor

Kahlown SCVR can record screen with or without the mouse pointer and also adds a transparent circle around the pointer for convenience of the user.

Codec and compression options

Record screen video into AVI file using any of the following codecs or without a codec.
  • Xvid Codec
  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Windows Media Video 9 (VCM) codec.
  • No Codec/Un Compressed

Record Auido from the Audio device including line in and line out.
This option massively reduces video size as compared to AVI file.

Video quality can be set between 0 and 100 where 0 means extremely low and 100 means highest quality of the video.
Multiple options are available to choose the color depth of the captured image. Following is the list of available options.
  • 32 Bit Color
  • 24 Bit Color
  • 16 Bit Color

Add annotation to the recorded videos.

You can add annotation using following layouts.
  • Upper right corner
  • Upper left corner
  • Lower right corner
  • Lower left corner
  • Center of screen

Change/Configure output folder

Configure the output directory and save videos and screenshots wherever you like on your machine.

Screenshot of Kahlown SCVR Screen Recorder Software

Kahlown SCVR Screen Capture Video Recorder Software

Please see videos recorded using Kahlown SCVR to see the quality of the video or for demonstration of video features.

Link to Kahlown SCVR screen recorder