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Kahlown SCVR is screen capturing utility, It saves screenshots into image files. A small yet powerful software to capture screenshots of computer screen, URL or scrolling web page from internet explorer. Kahlown SCVR provides multiple ways to capture computer screen. You can capture still images of screen by using any of the screen capture types. Following are the screen capture (screenshot) options available in Kahlown SCVR screen capturing and recording software.

Capture part of the screen

Using this feature user would only capture the selected area of the screen. Cursor will change into a cross sign to let you select a part of the screen. Draw a rectangular area using mouse and Kahlown SCVR will capture that part of screen.

Capture screenshot of a window

This features facilitates user to capture window (screen) of any software application or any object on the screen. You can capture window, individual controls (objects) from a screen e.g. buttons.

Capture complete web page from Internet Explorer.

Using this capture type you can capture a complete web page even if it goes out of the computer screen.
Please be advised that this features is only compatible with following versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8

Capture screenshot/image of URL

Select capture type as URL and then click Capture Screen. Enter URL in the URL box and click Capture. It will capture screenshot of full webpage from that URl and automatically display in MS Paint.

Capture sceenshot of URL

It may not capture image if the URL contains an ActiveX control.

Capture working area

Capture working area of the screen enables users to capture everything from screen except task bar. It would not include anything from the tasks bar (start menu, date time area etc)

Capture full screen

Capture full screen of computer. This feature would capture everthing from the screen.

Add annotation to the screenshots

You can add annotation using following layouts.
  • Upper right corner
  • Upper left corner
  • Lower right corner
  • Lower left corner
  • Center of screen

Change/Configure output folder

Configure the output directory and save videos and screenshots wherever you like on your machine.

Screenshot of Kahlown SCVR Screen Capture Software

Kahlown Screen Capture Video Recorder Software

Please visit screen capture videos to learn how Kahlown SCVR can capture computer screen.

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