Kahlown - screen spy monitor

Kahlown provides following screen spy monitoring features..

1) Stealth mode - Kahlown runs in hidden mode which is completely invisible to users.
2) Encrypt videos and screenshots in stealth mode.
3) Automatically runs at windows start up.
4) Record video or just capture screenshots into image files.
5) Set screenshot capture frequency between 1 and 10 per second.
6) Record smooth video or a slower video to save disk space
7) Compress video with codec.
8) Password protected access.

Secretly record Computer Screen Video

Kahlown is screen capture, screen recording and screen spying software. It captures computer screen and saves it into a compressed avi file to use minimum disk space. It is a a very easy to use tool having user friendly interface. It uses the least amount of system resources (cpu and memory). In stealth mode it secretly records computer screen while silently running in the background (hidden).

This software tracks each and every graphical activity on the computer screen. Kahlown runs in the background in a hidden mode and no one would know that screen is being recorded (Secret Spy). User can watch the videos and see what happened on the computer screen all day long.

It automatically starts screen recording as soon as it runs. It creates new file when the first file reaches the maximum length allowed by AVI format.It lists files in the video list. Current file will not show up in the list until it is completed.

Download Kahlown and switch it to trial version and experience it before you buy the licensed version. Trial version has following limitations.
  • You can only record video of 10 seconds.

Software provides password protected access to the video files and software configuration so that no one else has access to the software and the videos files created by it. Easy to use and user friendly interface, use hot key to make it visible or invisible. Hot key is Control + Alt + F10.

Software is configurable to start at windows start up. When you configure this software it tries to configure for all the users for that system if the current user has access to configure it for all users otherwise it would configure itself for the current user.
Kahlown works as parental control software for parents who want to track kids while they are using computer/internet.

Who should use?

Kahlown is highly recommended for the parents who want to Monitor Children while using computer or over the web. Kahlown would be very helpful in the school to monitor computer labs where students try to view restricted content. Anyone can use this to make videos of their computer screen.

System Requirements

Operating System: Kahlown is compatible with Microsoft Windows(XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008). We are working hard to make it compatible with other versions of the MS Windows. Please check back later, If your operating system is not supported at this time.

Processor: 1.0Ghz or higher
Virtual Memory: 512MB or More
Physical Memory: Since software creates video file even though they are compressed but they still need large storage. You must have enough storage to store these files.


You can download the software any time by clicking the download link. But you must buy the license to avail all the features of the software.

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Price: $35.00 (USD)/ License

Frequently asked questions

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Screenshot of Kahlown

Kahlown screenshot