Kahlown Screen Spy Monitor

Prental control software to secretly capture screenshots or record screen video in hidden mode. Record everything from computer screen for watcher it later. Completely invisible to users with encryption (screenshots and video) capability.

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  • Capture screenshots and upload to Google Drive automatically
  • Stealth mode - Invisible/hidden to users
  • Record computer screen video invisibly
  • Capture screenshots
  • Encrypt videos and screenshots
  • Monitor children activity
  • Track kids social media activities
  • See what your kids do online
  • Monitor lab and exam computers in schools
  • Pause recording when system or session locked
  • Keeps recording as long as free space is available
  • Compress videos with codec - Xvid codec
  • Capture screenshots at regular interval.
  • Hotkey - Change it to your choice
  • Windows 10 compatible
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